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Eizellen einfrieren - Kind und Karriere - OvitaEnjoying life, pursuing a career, finding Mr. Right - there are many good reasons why women may allow themselves more time before having children.

We can now add another: Social egg freezing

Thus, when it comes to making decisions about family planning, women are flexible as to when they can start their families regardless of their biological clock.

Female fertility so far has been more closely related to age than male fertility. Keyword: “Menopause”. All of a woman’s eggs are present at birth and thus these eggs are aging with advancing female age. That’s why a woman’s chances of conceiving decrease rapidly after a certain age.

That is exactly where Ovita comes in.

Ovita collects a woman's healthy oocytes while she is still young and places them in storage thus helping to stop the natural aging process of these cells.

The precautionary storage of oocytes is particularly recommended for medical reasons (e.g. endometriosis, immunological situations and many other medical indications).

Under the motto “I choose the right moment”, Ovita is a reliable partner for the planning of your future life. It is due to new medical opportunities and a wide range of services that Ovita’s doctors can now enhance women’s reproductive self-determination.

These opportunities are opening up entirely new prospects for your personal future. It is possible to pursue your career and your self-fulfillment without being under pressure. There will be more time to find the right partner with whom you want to start a family. Your desire for children may become true at the best possible time.

Ovita meets the highest medical and ethical standards and due to the profound know-how and decades of experience in the field of reproductive medicine, it provides the women with the required safety. Of course, we offer comprehensive consultation.

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